caydee0Kinky little Caydee the Age play Phone Sex nymph is what they use to call me growing up. I was the bad girl who loved to call the party lines and get off to multiple guys and girls at once. They all said I could be a sick little porn star with the things that go through a twisted mind like mine. I guess having no limits is really a good thing when you play with me. If you have boundries I will push them just to see if you bend. Growing up I was more a Mommys girl then a Daddys. You tend to get that way since she was the one to teach me all about being the woman I am today. I grew up believing incest is best!

When I hit those tender teen years and started to explore my own body I found Moms secret stash of sex toys and videos. Who knew my Mom was such a dirty whore. Watching her fuck all the men in the neighborhood gave me a clue as to has the biggest cocks for my little pussy. I talked Mom into teached me about sex and eventually joined in with her and her dirty little secrets. Those men would come over and be shocked when I crawled into bed with both of them. The best times where when Mom was on the phone with Daddy while he was away on a business trip. She satisfied him with Family Fun Phone Sex and I satisfied her pussy with my mouth. I bet he thought she was cumming to him.

When you place the call to Caydee keep one thing in mind. There is no limits and no taboos to hinder your stroking enjoyment. Some of my favorite roleplay are: Extreme Teen Phone Sex, Family fun, Incest, Forced, Teacher/Student, and even the extreme taboo side of Accomplice. Call Mommys Girl Cadyee and make her pussy whistle
My Favorite Roleplays

Age Play Phone Sex
Family Fun Phone Sex
Teen Phone Sex
Daddy Daughter Phone Sex
Role Play Phone Sex

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